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Pipe Installation Perth

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Pipe Installation Perth


To contact administration please send emails to admin@commpipe.com.au


Unit 3, 14 Fallon Road Landsdale
WA 6065


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Commercial Pipe Installation Balcatta

Our most recent Projects utilising Pre-Insulated Pipe

Pipe Installation Perth

Crown Casino


Commercial Pipe Installation was successful in securing the refit of an old restaurant at the Crown Casino into a new gaming hall and due to the tight on-site programme and limited shutdown period available the pre-insulated pipework on the Heating and Chilled Water to the existing and new Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units was a perfect option for this application. Commercial Pipe Installation both manufactured and installed the Heating and Chilled Water pre-insulated copper pipe for this project.

Curtin University

Building 304 Forward Works

This particular project required the replacing and diverting of the existing district Heating and Chilled Water mains pipework to allow for the foundations of a new building and for the mains supply to the new building. The pipework on this project included 300mm and 80mm pre-insulated 316L Stainless Steel pipework for the Heating and 400mm and 150mm Pre-insulated pipework and ABS pipework for the Chilled Water.

Curtin University

Building 105 Fibro Pipe Replacement

Curtin University are in the process of gradually upgrading the existing district Heating and Chilled Water pipework currently serving the campus by replacing the existing fibro pipe with pre-insulated pipe. This project required Commercial Pipe Installation to remove the existing 250mm Chilled Water pipework and 150mm Heating Water pipework and replace with pre-insulated pipework from the external site main to within Building 105.

Space Surveilance Telescope


One of our most recent projects involved the supply and installation of carbon steel pre-insulated pipe. Commercial Pipe Installation secured the unique project in Exmouth for the heating and chilled water pipe at the Space Surveillance Telescope. Our skilled team saved costs by welding and fabricating the pre-insulated pipe in our Perth workshop. The pipe was then transported to the Exmouth site for installation by a secondary team.

Karratha S.H.S

Fabrication of Pre-Insulated Pipe

Our fabrication team are skilled trades people working to supply our pre-insulated pipe to the highest industry standard. The team fabricate to our clients exact project specifications and provides cost effective solutions.

On the Karratha Senior High School project we worked closely with our client to supply to their pre-insulated requirements in copper pipe 40mm - 100mm in diameter

Perth Cultural Centre

Fabrication of Pre-Insulated Pipe

Work is currently underway on the Perth Cultural Centre upgrade. We have already undertaken works for our client fabricating 65mm and 100mm diameter copper pre-insulated pipe.