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Commercial Pipe Installation

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Pipe Installation Perth

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Pipe Installation Perth


To contact administration please send emails to admin@commpipe.com.au


Unit 3, 14 Fallon Road Landsdale
WA 6065


(08) 9302 2370


(08) 9302 2418

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Commercial Pipe Installation Balcatta

Our Services

Pipe Installation Perth

Commercial Pipe Installation specialize in the installation of all types of mechanical services pipework, on the following piping systems and using various types of materials:

  • Chilled & heating water systems using steel, copper and multilayered pipe.
  • Condenser water systems using copper, stainless steel, ABS and polyethylene pipe.
  • Process water using copper, galvanised steel, stainless steel, ABS and polyethylene pipe.
  • Installation of underground pre-insulated and ABS pipework.
  • Steam systems using steel pipework.
  • Oil and fuel oils using steel, stainless steel and containment pipe.
  • Compressed air and industrial gas systems using copper, galvanised steel, stainless steel, polyethylene and multilayered pipe.
  • Medical gas systems using copper pipe.
  • Refrigeration systems using copper pipe.