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Pipe Installation Perth

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Pipe Installation Perth


To contact administration please send emails to admin@commpipe.com.au


Unit 3, 14 Fallon Road Landsdale
WA 6065


(08) 9302 2370


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Pipe Importing

Pipe Installation Perth

Commercial Pipe Installation imports a multilayered crimped piping system from Belgium which is ideally suited for use on VAV heating pipework, chilled beam pipework and small condenser water systems.

The pipe is made up of a continuous butt welded aluminium pipe with an inner and outer layer of electron beam cross-linked polyethylene extruded from high density polyethylene granulates. It therefore is very light and strong and retains its shape when bent without kinking. The inbuilt memory will prevent it from trying to go back to its original shape.

Being a crimped system there is no hot works associated with the installation of the pipework. It is therefore perfect for tenancy fitout work in occupied areas as there are no fumes or smells which are produced by brazed copper systems.

The pipe is supplied in 50 and 100 metre coils for up to 32mm diameter which is easily straightened using a decoiler and in straight lengths for the 40 to 63mm diameter pipe.

Various types of crimped fittings and isolation valves are available to achieve a complete system installation. The pipe can also be supplied pre-insulated with 6, 10 & 13mm thick PE foam insulation or with a polyethylene sleeve for protection.